Thursday, May 13, 2021

Tech Tales: Newfound Comfort and Confidence with Technology

Franklin teachers have faced a lot of change during this school year.  From remote teaching to hybrid to in-person teaching, they have embraced new technology and teaching practices to better meet the needs of their students. We highlight their successes in this series of "Tech Tales" posts.

In this post, we celebrate Franklin staff who share how their comfort level and confidence with technology have increased as a result of this past year's challenges.

"The thing that has changed the most is that my comfort and patience with technology have improved. When I try something new in the classroom, I no longer panic about whether it will work or how long it will take. If it works, great! If we have to wait a few minutes, nobody is going anywhere. If it doesn't work, we re-adjust. "

Classroom Teacher
Franklin High School

I've learned a lot! Just figuring out how to use/set up a google meet was my first feat. Then I actually set up a google classroom and later was brave enough to add Bitmoji's and embed links (something I have never done before!). I got cozy with Boom cards and Flipgrid and will probably utilize them next year. Pretty much anything above email and google docs was new to me this year and I actually feel like I can keep up in a technology conversation with my teenagers now!

Rebecca Ballinger, School Adjustment Counselor
Davis Thayer Elementary

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