Thursday, May 20, 2021

Tech Tales: Transforming Instructional Practices

Franklin teachers have faced a lot of change during this school year.  From remote teaching to hybrid to in-person teaching, they have embraced new technology and teaching practices to better meet the needs of their students. We highlight their successes in this series of "Tech Tales" posts.

In this post, we celebrate two Franklin teachers who share how they learned to incorporate video into their instructional routines to personalize teaching and learning.

The most effective technology tool for me this year was google classroom. It allowed me to create digital assignments, send direct feedback to students whether they were at home or in school, and grade their work on a digital platform. Screencastify was just as useful in providing oral directions or read-aloud versions of tasks for students to access whenever they needed them.

Carrie Cote
Parmenter Elementary

I've used Flipgrid in a number of ways this year with a great deal of success. Something as simple as having the students create an introduction video the first night of class where they tell me how to say their names, things they care about, etc. One of the goals of my Applied Science & Engineering class is to have students be able to present to an audience in the best way possible and Flipgrid allows students to do multiple takes and get peer feedback in a way that is not intrusive. I plan to use it to create a jigsaw of their knowledge about flight. A student will start off with a video explaining a concept of their choice and each successive comment will be another video that demonstrates student understanding of flight. After 8-10 videos, students will have seen, corrected, added on to, and extended the knowledge base of the class.

Bill Bobrowsky
Franklin High School

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