Thursday, May 6, 2021

Tech Tales: Franklin Teachers Share Successes

Franklin teachers have faced a lot of change during this school year.  From remote teaching to hybrid
to in-person teaching, they have embraced new technology and teaching practices to better meet the needs of their students. 
We highlight their successes in this series of "Tech Tales" posts.

In this post, we celebrate three Franklin elementary teachers who share how they have learned to use technology to not only maintain but enhance traditional practices and communication with families.

"I teach K-5. One of my favorite new digital tools I learned about this year was Flipgrid! I used it for many music assessments but one of my favorite uses was to keep the tradition of a "music show and tell" that every student could participate in. It was fun to see parents getting involved, like a mom in a piano duet or a dad letting his kids show off his electric guitar. I could see myself using this even going ahead in the future. The elementary chorus teachers also had a great time using flipgrid for "masked singer". Elementary kids in 3-5 at every elementary school loved putting a mask on or using an emoji sticker and singing one of their favorite songs solo. It was such great motivation for all students. Thank you DLI team for introducing Flipgrid at the PD at the beginning of the year and continued support!"

Mary MacMurray, Elementary Music Teacher
Kennedy Elementary and Parmenter Elementary

"So much has happened this year with Technology! Who says veterans can't ride the wave of change? Not me!!! Having tons of fun with my new YouTube Channel for parents called "Two Minute Teacher Tips." Just one of the many ways I have embraced technology and all it has to offer."

Ann Williams, 4th Grade Teacher 
Kennedy Elementary

"One tool I’ve used in a new way is Flipgrid. This tool allowed my students to record videos for a weekly talent show tradition we added to Friday morning meetings. Students could pre record themselves playing an instrument that was too big to bring to school using flipgrid. The student who didn’t feel comfortable showcasing a talent live could Pre record and edit their work. This also allowed students to sing from home when they weren’t allowed to do that at school. I also used this tool in lieu of a typical reading log. Students could simply record a 90 second Flipgrid that in essence was a book talk. I will definitely continue to use this tool next year since it helped give students choice and build community in our classroom. "

Sarah Lewis, 3rd Grade Teacher
Davis Thayer Elementary

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