Thursday, June 3, 2021

Tech Tales: Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum in the Primary Grades

 Franklin teachers have faced a lot of change during this school year.  From remote teaching to hybrid to in-person teaching, they have embraced new technology and teaching practices to better meet the needs of their students. We highlight their successes in this series of "Tech Tales" posts.

In this post, we celebrate two Franklin teachers who share how they integrated technology across the curriculum in the primary grades.

I have come a long way in my technological knowledge this year. Thanks for all the tips and support. One app that I used a lot is Screencastify. It allowed me to record read alouds, lessons, directions and explanations for kids and parents. I became a pro at Google Classroom. I developed an easy system for the kids to use to find all the materials they needed for each week. I used Google Slides to create a schedule with everything they needed linked to it. I also utilized Google Slides to create reading, writing and our three science units. One of my favorite activities was when the kids at home and at school each made periscopes. I made breakout groups and the kids sat under their desks and used the periscope facing the computer screens to communicate with each other. While I’m glad to be returning to full in person learning, I learned a lot this year that I will be able to apply to any model to teaching.

-Meredith Doherty
Jefferson Elementary Teacher

I really enjoyed using Jamboard with the second grade students. I was able to see them solving math practice problems in real time after a virtual mini lesson. I set the Jamboard background to our practice problem worksheet and then I could give immediate feedback as they worked. We used Jamboard to demonstrate phonics skills and even create character traits posters. We even incorporated our mindfulness lessons onto a Jamboard making visual representations of a calming images.

-Kristin Campbell
Oak Street Elementary Teacher

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