Monday, February 22, 2021

Google Meet Difficulties?


Google Meet Difficulties?

Have you been noticing that your Google Meet view has not been functioning consistently lately?  You’re not alone! 

As Google develops new features in the Google Meet app, some extensions, such as the popular Grid View Extension, can experience disruptions due to incompatibilities with newer versions of the native Google Meet.  In fact, the developer of the Grid View extension has basically retired the extensions and removed it from the webstore.  He has indicated that it is unlikely that the app will be maintained going forward.

The recommendation is for users to uninstall the Grid View Extension. 

Here are some recommendations for using the native Google Meet features to see all of your participants:

  1. Use the tile layout by clicking the three dots on the lower right and selecting the tile view option.

  2. Joining the meeting twice in order to see what you are presenting. Just remember to mute yourself as the second participant.

  3. Use the Ctrl+ and Ctrl- keyboard shortcuts to increase/decrease the tiles on your grid.

If you are longing for features like the ability to cohost google classroom meets or to schedule breakout rooms in advance, then rest assured Google is listening.  Here are some google meet features scheduled for 2021. The road might be bumpy while they develop and role out some of these features, but hopefully it will be worth the wait.

If you will miss the ability to alpha sort your meet participants, feel free to upvote that feature request here.

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