Tuesday, December 1, 2020

FPS Staff Show Impressive Digital Growth Mindset

In the role of Digital Learning Integrationists (DLI), we have the opportunity to venture into a variety of classrooms across the district.

One thing has become apparent: since being thrown into virtual teaching, the Franklin Public Schools teachers have put forth great efforts to expand their repertoire in order to meet the demands of teaching in an unfamiliar setting.

One middle school math teacher is a self proclaimed disaster with technology. They are open with their
students about the struggles.  Before the pandemic, the teacher never would have thought to use technology in the ways that they are currently being used.  Now, the teacher is adept at making instructional videos for students, incorporating a document camera and screen recording software.

Elementary music teachers were searching for a way to both connect with their students individually and give them feedback on their individual progress. They reached out to the DLI to explore the option of Flipgrid. The teachers learned how to set up Flipgrid, so they could assign tasks simply to students, have the students create a video response, and give their own written and video feedback.

In October, teachers were faced with doing parent/guardian conferences virtually.  At Franklin High School, the challenge of scheduling so many families efficiently and effectively was daunting. The DLI helped generate a website from which families could access the conferences, along with directions to generate a sign up for the multiday event. Teachers unfamiliar with creating webpages were adding information to the webpages so families could sign up for a conference with a particular teacher and access a private video call with the teacher.

The efforts that the staff have made and continue to make in order to teach and to meet students' needs have been phenomenal. Their resolution to grow and learn the digital tools necessary to be successful is a benefit to the students and deserves great praise.

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